Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Repeatable Post

"We have been told, over and over again, that abortion is all about "a woman's right to choose." The pro-life comeback has been -- correct as far as it goes -- that this leaves the child's right to life (and therefore the child's right to choose) out of the equation. This is a valid argument, and a powerful one. But the child's choices are all potential and future, and at the time when abortion is being contemplated, the child is in drastic need for someone who knows God to make choices on his behalf."

. . .

"What are fathers for? The biblical answer goes far beyond the answer provided by Darwin. Fathers are more than inseminating carbon units. God has established and ordered the world in a certain way. God commanded Adam, and all fathers after him, to provide and to protect (Gen. 2:15). That is what fathers are for. Provide for and protect whom? The answer is their wives and children. Unprotected children are fatherless children. Unwanted children are fatherless children. Aborted children are therefore the final word in fatherlessness."

. . .

"But fathers have been excluded, by law, by peer pressure, and by their own selfishness. It has been done by law in that the pattern established by Roe v. Wade has made everyone think that a decision to abort is to be made by a woman "and her doctor." Fathers are removed from the decision by law."

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