Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heaven Taken by Storm — 2

Thomas Watson

 Offering Violence by the Reading of the Word

We must provoke ourselves to reading of the Word.

Read the Word as:
  •  a book made by God Himself
  • a perfect rule of faith; it contains all things essential to salvation
  • a book of evidences
  • the last will and testament of Christ
  • a book by which you must be judged
Look upon the Word as:
  • a spiritual glass to dress yourselves by (In mirrors you may see your face; in this glass you may see your heart.)
  • a sovereign elixir to comfort you in distress
There are two books God will go by - the book of conscience and the book of Scripture; the one shall be the witness and the other the judge.  How should every Christian then provoke himself to read this book of God with care and devotion! This is that book which God will judge by at the end. They who fly from the Word as a guide shall be forced to submit to it as a judge.

— Heaven Taken by Storm
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