Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quotes for the Day

"... living is to believe and act on what God says rather than feel what God says. It is living by faith. ...when there is a debate between what your feelings say and what Scripture says, Scripture wins. Any other result and you are essentially telling God that He is not to be trusted. ... You may not understand what God is doing, but to deny that God speaks the truth is itself untrue. It is a lie. Don't believe it. God is truth."

"Confessing sin does not jeopardize our relationship with God. It only enhances it. If we have trusted in Christ, the divine judgment on our sin has fallen on Christ, not ourselves. Confessing sin reminds us that Christ has already dealt with our deepest problem, and we have reason to be thankful."

"Keep a sharp eye out for grumbling and complaining. Like gossip, these are sins that are acceptable in our culture so we don't see their ugly roots."

     ~ Edward T. Welch

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