Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unpacking Forgiveness, V of ?

Chapter Seven
Unpack with Great Urgency

In Matthew 18:4-14 Jesus taught that we must work out differences with the greatest sense of urgency. Christians should take drastic measures to avoid causing another  brother or sister to walk away from the faith. We should love one another with the same level of risk-taking urgency that we would demonstrate in the face of some great crisis. There will probably be a time when you are called to resolve a situation even though you don't feel you can handle it perfectly. Do it. Be urgent. those who are willing to continue conflicts even at the expense of a negative impact on others [i.e., your children, neighbors, co-workers], should fear for their souls.

To this whole chapter, you might object, but aren't there some things that we cannot let go?

The answer is, absolutely. The next chapter [Should I Just Get Over It?], will help determine which matters can be dropped and which cannot.

     Chris Brauns
        Unpacking Forgiveness
        (page 93)

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