Monday, February 22, 2010

Prudentius' Seven Virtues

Aurelius Clemens Prudentius identified seven virtues in his "Psychomachia' (Battle for the Soul'), written in AD 410. These were later adapted by the Christian church.

1. Chastity (opposite of Lust): Seeking moral wholesomeness and purity of body and thought through education and general betterment.
2. Temperance (opposite of Gluttony): Practicing self-control, abstention and moderation.
3. Charity (opposite of Greed): Giving to the needy. Nobility in thought and action.
4. Diligence (opposite of Sloth): Zeal and care in action. Working hard to create valuable achievement.
5. Patience (opposite of Wrath): Holding back anger, forgiving and showing mercy. Seeking peace over conflict.
6. Kindness (opposite of Envy): compassion support of others without seeking reciprocation.
7. Humility (opposite of Pride): Modesty and selflessness. Respecting others and giving, rather than taking, credit.

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