Monday, December 14, 2009

Thinking Biblically About Worry, I of V

Sally worries about the kids all day long as they are at school. Jed never seems to put the burden of his finances down. Linda fears that she will never get married. Sarah dreads the pains of getting old. Fred constantly worries about what the people around him are thinking about him. Benji worries he won't make the team. Mary is never free from worry about her weight. Cindy has spent many sleepless nights worrying about her relationship with Brad. As a senior, Jared is in a bit of a panic about what will happen after college. Jaqueline admits that she is a bit of a germophobe. Ben avoids big crowds, but he doesn't want anyone to know. Sharon is afraid that God doesn't love her, but she doesn't talk about it much. Ron knows he spends too much time worrying about losing his job, but he can't seem to keep his mind from going there. Dina worries so much about her adult children that she is afraid her frequent calls will drive them away. Pete did very well in seminary, but his preaching is always accompanied by anxiety. Greta worries more about what her classmates think of her than she does about her grades. Josh worries every time he is told that the boss wants to see him.

Worry - it really is everywhere. Perhaps it is the one experience that all of us have in common. Consider the people above. They have two things in common. They are all professing believers and they all struggle with worry. What about you? How much is worry of some kind a regular part of your daily thought life? How much does worry shape what you do and what you don't do? How does worry interact with the faith that you hold dear? could it be that worry is a greater influence in your life than you have typically considered it to be?

Maybe worry is one of the dirty secrets of the church. Perhaps it renders us timid, passive, and doubtful when our theology tells us we have every reason to be courageous, active, and confident. could it be that many of us live with a huge gap between the theological confidence that we celebrate on Sunday and the street-level fear, worry, and anxiety that accompanies us the rest of the week? Why do so many of us worry so much? Why do we not experience the rest that the gospel is meant to give us? Why does worry so often enter our door?
~Article by Paul David Tripp
Tabletalk, January 2010 issue

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